Benefits of ECT For Mental Illness


Benefits of ECT For Mental Illness

Electroconvulsive Therapy, or ECT, is a procedure performed under general anesthesia for a number of mental illnesses. It issued when other treatments have failed or are believed to provide the benefits that a patient needs. The procedure works by passing a small electrical current through the brain. These electrical currents trigger a brief seizure that in turn changes the brain chemistry. The hope is to change mental illness and the symptoms they cause.

Where to Get an ECT

This procedure is not performed in a doctor's office or by a general doctor. It is instead performed by a licensed and trained professional with plenty of experience and expertise at the behavioral health center houston. It works for many patients and can treat different mental illnesses. It is a procedure that is intended for people 18 years of age and older. It does not work for every patient, nor is the procedure right for every person.

Is ECT Safe?

Most people worry about the safety of any procedure they intend to use for their personal health. This is especially true for ECT that has somewhat of a controversial background. Rest assured the horror stories of long ago are no longer the case today. In fact, those accounts occurred when high amount of ECT were administered.

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ECT is a safe procedure and may benefit your mental illness. That is only a decision that a doctor can make, with your help of course. Do not expect the procedure to be offered as a first line of treatment in most cases, however.

What Can ECT Treat?
ECT can significantly treat patients with severe symptoms of mental illnesses. Conditions that ECT works for include depression, severe mania, treatment-resistant depression, aggression and agitation, and catatonia.